Tue. Apr 7th, 2020


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Jon Jones Not Concerned with the Critics

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Jon Jones is set to defend his light heavyweight title at UFC 235 on March 2nd against Anthony Smith. The controversial champion talked with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Friday and addressed his “numbness” to the critics:

“When I first started the sport people would say ‘well, his arms are long.’ Then they would say ‘well he poked a guy in the eye, so maybe that’s why he’s winning’ or ‘he’s kicking the guy in the knee, so maybe that’s why he’s winning.’ There’s always going to be excuses.”

“Bones” is coming off of a 3rd round TKO over top contender Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232. Jones (-950) enters the bout a heavy favorite over Smith (+575).

“As the King, you need to take on all challenges. Every man deserves his chance. And to me, everyone’s worthy.

“There is no face. You know, there is no record to me. I just see victory for years to come. In order to be great, you need to take them all.”

MMAimpact Reaction

This is a no win fight for Jones: If he wins, he was supposed to and if he loses, it’s “because he wasn’t clean before.” The reason this fight is taking place is due to the inactivity of Jones due to his suspension and that fact that, as a fighter, you get paid when you fight. Jones and his team believe this is a very winnable fight, plan to get paid, and plan to stay active to make up for lost compensation over the last year.

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