Sun. Mar 29th, 2020


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Colby Covington Verbally Abuses Kamaru Usman

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It came as no surprise that the highlight of the UFC 245 Press Conference at Madison Square Garden was the back and forth between Former Interim Champion Colby Covington and current Welterweight champ Kamaru Usman. The two have exchanged harsh comments and accusations towards each others in the months leading up to this matchup, and held no punches on this night.

“No one cares about him (Usman), the only reason he’s relevant is cause he attaches his name to mine. December 14th, only on pay-per-view I’m detaching this little clown from my coattails.”

Source: TheMacLife via Youtube

Covington also made some strong allegations against Usman as well as his former team the Blackzillians in regards to them using performance enhancing drugs (EPO), a similar tactic he used against last opponent Robbie Lawler:

“I’ll give you $25,000 if you can pee in a cup right now and it passes.”

The matchup is a compelling one, with both fighters normally using their pressure and wrestling to overwhelm their opponents. With similar styles, the question is, who can impose their will on the other?

Vegas currently has Usman hovering around a -165 line with Covington around +135.

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