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Kamaru Usman Plans to “Humble” Conor McGregor Again

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Chris Neely 1/18/2010

After hearing about Conor McGregor’s plans to potentially challenge for the welterweight championship if victorious Saturday night over Donald Cerrone, current champion Kamaru Usman had a very clear message: Prepare to be humbled again.

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We see how humble that young man is now after he fought Khabib. With me? Oh my god, he might never come out of the house ever again.”

It is unclear what Conor McGegor’s plan would be after the fight with “Cowboy.” “BMF” title holder Jorge Masvidal, a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and challenging Usman for the welterweight championship have all been options the Irish fighter has spoke about. ‘

Usman wants to let it be known that he is prepared for any challenger:

If Conor wants it, he can get it. If Dana (White) chooses that it’s somebody else, they can get it too. I don’t discriminate, everybody get’s the smoke.”

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