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Aaron Picos future


Staff member
No doubt a future champ, but what do you think about his style? You can only get KOd and dropped so many times....something tells me this guy traibs hard and prob has a lot of wars in the gym as well. Hope he has good people surrounding him
Picos a beast but he needs to take a lot of time off before his next fight. The brain can only take so much
He's going to be a champ. Wouldn't be surprised at all when/if he moves to the UFC. Any idea when his contract is up? :dillon:
Not sure. I wonder what kind of fight they will give him next
still waiting to hear whats next for him. I hope the people around him are giving him good advice. One more KO like that and this guy isnt going to be thinking about retiring. Take a lot of time off, come back with a new approach. The human brain can only take so many of those
He should start to use more of his wrestling instead of trying to knock everyone out.
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