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Anthony Smith vs Gustaffson...strange


Anthony Smith is basically saying he doesnt want to fight and isnt ready to after that beating from Jones. I think hes making a huge mistake, and after he gets outclassed by Gus fades off into no mans land. Thoughts?
Agreed Gustaffson is a bad matchup for him. I thought it was funny how he kept saying "i dont want to leave my family again...training camp is for 7 weeks" and then he admitted that he comes home every weekend to see them. A little dramatic. Surely i understand where hes coming from, but he was making it sound like he didnt see them for the entire camp
Smith should take 6 months off (like he said he wanted), get better skill wise, and take smart fights. If he drops this fight to Gus, which he most likely will, hes back in no mans land. He knows if he turns it down tho he will be in bad standing with the UFC tho. Dana wins again :dana:
I think that Smith should wait and fight possibly the winner of Volkan Oezdemir VS Dominick Reyes.
The idea is...if you get offered big fights u take them. Its a damned if you do damned it u dont situation. Smith could lose to a lesser fighter as well, then hes really back to the prelims. But still, not too sure how he will match up with Alex Gust.
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